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Fabrication and Construction of Steel Structure, Pressure Vessel, Boiler & Heat Exchanger
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Our Steel Construction Services experienced in many years became the value added for building owner when they have a plan to design and build the steel construction. We have capabilities to perform the value engineering, preparing shop drawing, fabrication and erection for :
- Industrial Building ( Factory, Warehouse, Workshop, Supporting Facilities )
- Commercial Building ( Mall, Office, Hotel, Apartment, Retailer Building )
- Infrastructure Facilities ( Bridge )
- Resources & Energy ( Oil & Gas, Mining, Conveyor )
We have a capability to provide design and engineering, procurement, quality assurance, fabrication & installation as well as service maintenance for the products as follows :
- Pressure Vessel base to the ASME standard
- Heat Exchanger with TEMA standard
- Boiler base to the ASME standard
- Storage Tank base to API 650 standard
- Spherical Tank base to the ASME standard
- Piping Works
- Gas Metering System
We can provide the special equipments consist of :
- Hurry Melter Furnace ( 250 kg - 2,500 kg capacity per hour )
- Holding Furnace ( 500 kg - 3,000 kg capacity )
- Service Car
- Agricultural Machineries
We have a good experienced in EPC ( Engineering Procurement and Construction ) for the project as :
- LPG Plant
- Glycol Dehydration Unit ( Package )
- Well Testing Unit
- Other Oil & Gas facilities
Our culture rewards the attainment of the highest standards in time, cost, quality, safety and environment management. Thus, the people of Gerbang Saranabaja continue to grow, accomplish and get the things done.
Our services include:
- Planning :
1. Scheduling
2. Procurement
- Engineering :
1. Design & Calculation
2. Shop Drawing
- Fabrication :
1. Preparation
2. Marking & Cutting
3. Assembling
4. Forming
5. Welding
- Inspection & Test
- Sandblasting, Painting & Oven
- Packing
- Delivery
- Installation
We think forward to grow the business as investor in Oil & Gas Facilities, therefore, we always open to have discussion with related parties for mutual benefit of investment.
In order to be able to give the best service to our customers, we prepared our workshop and facilities with the nowadays technology.

Using the latest technology to ensure speed, accuracy, in making an engineering design. Our tools:

  1. TEKLA structure
  2. GRAITEC the structural BIM Suite 2013
  3. AutoCad Plant Design Suite Ultimate 2014
  4. AME-Tank
  5. PV-Elite
  6. Compress
  7. FastCam - Profilling
Improving our service to our client, we establish a new Build Up Beam Production line in the beginning of the year 2008. This production line consists of CNC-Oxygen Cutting, Assembling, SAW-Welding, and Straightening Machines. It produces specific dimensions of beams in order to achieve economical engineering design. The range of build up beam’s size is 500 till 1600 mm wide and using 6 till 50 mm thickness plate. Our maximum monthly capacity is 1500 tons. Some local as well as global clients utilize our services and products quality with high appreciation and respect.

Our Machine Tools workshop is equipped with set of machineries such as radial drilling, turning, milling, shaper, and surface grinding machines to support the need of our steel structure and vessel projects. The precision of our Machine Tools and skillful operators are ready to manufacture the quality and precision of the needed components.

Our Painting facilities consist of Sandblasting, Painting, and Oven Room. Sandblasting is a cleaning process from dirt and rust before painting in an isolated room. Our skillful and experienced workers sandblasted items in an isolated room to get an ideal requirement of sandblasting process. After that, the items will be put in an oven room to dry up. We prepare these facilities appropriately in line with our fabrication capacity. However we can receive orders for sandblasting and/ or painting only. Maximum daily painting capacity is 50 ton of steel.

To accomplish the delivery time of the components from our workshop to the site, we have several transportation vehicles such as small, medium, big trucks and trailers with various capacities. Our Delivery team always ready to support installation process by delivering the right component, number of pieces, time and place. The delivery schedule is always updated to maximize utilization of the vehicles.

One of the key equipment in installation of steel structure and pressure vessel is the availability of mobile cranes as a lifter and handling heavy components. We have our own mobile cranes in various capacities from 20 till 45 ton for project installation on site. The management of the mobile cranes such as scheduling and regular maintenance will contribute to the availability of these equipments for installation purpose.

  1. Material Management
    The speed of work steel structure and pressure vessel business drive us to have accurate forecast of material fluctuation in term of quantity and price in the market. We shall have a buffer stock of raw material to support the project fulfillment. Inventory management becomes one of our strengths in this business.
  2. Raw Material Warehouse
    To ensure the continuous supply chain of material for production, we have raw material warehouse that is equipped with cranes for handling material. The housekeeping of this material is mandatory to enable material identification, retrieving, loading as well as stock taking. The inventory movement shall be controlled to ensure the completion of project delivery.
  3. Consumable Item
    When we start fabrication and installation on the site, the supporting material such as welding electrode, grinding wheels, paint and others installation equipments are necessary. Managing and controlling the inventory of these materials became our management skill since the beginning of our business.

Along with increased production capacity, we have installed three units of new production machines, are:
1. Combine CNC Plate Processing Centre (FICEP mod. Gemini HP25)
2. Automatic CNC Drilling & Sawing Line (FICEP mod. Excalibur 10 - 1003 DEB)
3. CNC Plate Punching Line (FICEP mod. P83)
The whole machines works "Full Computerized System".

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