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Fabrication and Construction of Steel Structure, Pressure Vessel, Boiler & Heat Exchanger
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Our Steel Construction Services experienced in many years became the value added for building owner when they have a plan to design and build the steel construction. We have capabilities to perform the value engineering, preparing shop drawing, fabrication and erection for :
- Industrial Building ( Factory, Warehouse, Workshop, Supporting Facilities )
- Commercial Building ( Mall, Office, Hotel, Apartment, Retailer Building )
- Infrastructure Facilities ( Bridge )
- Resources & Energy ( Oil & Gas, Mining, Conveyor )
We have a capability to provide design and engineering, procurement, quality assurance, fabrication & installation as well as service maintenance for the products as follows :
- Pressure Vessel base to the ASME standard
- Heat Exchanger with TEMA standard
- Boiler base to the ASME standard
- Storage Tank base to API 650 standard
- Spherical Tank base to the ASME standard
- Piping Works
- Gas Metering System
We can provide the special equipments consist of :
- Hurry Melter Furnace ( 250 kg - 2,500 kg capacity per hour )
- Holding Furnace ( 500 kg - 3,000 kg capacity )
- Service Car
- Agricultural Machineries
We have a good experienced in EPC ( Engineering Procurement and Construction ) for the project as :
- LPG Plant
- Glycol Dehydration Unit ( Package )
- Well Testing Unit
- Other Oil & Gas facilities
Our culture rewards the attainment of the highest standards in time, cost, quality, safety and environment management. Thus, the people of Gerbang Saranabaja continue to grow, accomplish and get the things done.
Our services include:
- Planning :
1. Scheduling
2. Procurement
- Engineering :
1. Design & Calculation
2. Shop Drawing
- Fabrication :
1. Preparation
2. Marking & Cutting
3. Assembling
4. Forming
5. Welding
- Inspection & Test
- Sandblasting, Painting & Oven
- Packing
- Delivery
- Installation
We think forward to grow the business as investor in Oil & Gas Facilities, therefore, we always open to have discussion with related parties for mutual benefit of investment.
About Gerbang Saranabaja
Board of Director
Organization Structure
Business Partners
Company Profile

Since 1976, the Company started their activities as a one-man business and grow through the years serving steel structure projects in Indonesia. PT.  Gerbang Saranabaja was established on February 18, 1992 and our goal is to be a partner of first choice in the delivery of integrated steel structure works and construction services.

Today, with the annual capacity more than 15,000 tons, we have expanded our capabilities in order to meet the clients' needs and expectations. We are now one of the foremost in the field of steel structure fabrication and construction in the country. Within a quarter century of our existence, we have proven our commitment to adding value to our clients sustained operation. Most of the clients have been with us for more than five years with an imposing level of repeat business.

Our culture of innovation, professionalism, tenacity and spirit is the foundation of this ongoing success. The ISO 9001 certification awarded to us on May 27, 2002 imprinted acknowledge this culture and international standards in our consistenly high quality of services.

In 2003 we developed our business on Pressure Vessel, Boiler and Heat Exchanger. With the culture of innovation, professionalism and full spirit finally the "S", "U" and "U2" stamp awarded to us on August 12, 2004. This certificate appointed as an authorized company to use the Indicated Symbol of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for the scope of activity shown below in accordance with the applicable rules of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel


To provide professional services and excellent quality products in Steel Structure and Pressure Vessel, and added value to customers, employees, owner and society.

Being the best as Steel Construction and Pressure Vessel Company, which grow and thrive in global competition
G   iat bekerja dan bertakwa kepada Tuhan YME (Ora et Labora)
E tika, sikap mental positif dan motivasi tinggi (ethics, positive mental attitude and high motivation)
R espek terhadap semua pihak (Respects to others)
B udayakan Teamwork dan Total Quality (Habituate Teamwork and Total Quality)
A antusias menciptakan lingkungan kerja harmonis (Enhusiastic in building harmonius woking environment)
N ilai tambah kepada pelanggan, karyawan, vendor, partners, pemilik, dan masyarakat (Value added to costumers, employee, vendor, partners, owner and society)
G erakan disiplin (Habituate Discipline)

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