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Fabrication and Construction of Steel Structure, Pressure Vessel, Boiler & Heat Exchanger
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Our Steel Construction Services experienced in many years became the value added for building owner when they have a plan to design and build the steel construction. We have capabilities to perform the value engineering, preparing shop drawing, fabrication and erection for :
- Industrial Building ( Factory, Warehouse, Workshop, Supporting Facilities )
- Commercial Building ( Mall, Office, Hotel, Apartment, Retailer Building )
- Infrastructure Facilities ( Bridge )
- Resources & Energy ( Oil & Gas, Mining, Conveyor )
We have a capability to provide design and engineering, procurement, quality assurance, fabrication & installation as well as service maintenance for the products as follows :
- Pressure Vessel base to the ASME standard
- Heat Exchanger with TEMA standard
- Boiler base to the ASME standard
- Storage Tank base to API 650 standard
- Spherical Tank base to the ASME standard
- Piping Works
- Gas Metering System
We can provide the special equipments consist of :
- Hurry Melter Furnace ( 250 kg - 2,500 kg capacity per hour )
- Holding Furnace ( 500 kg - 3,000 kg capacity )
- Service Car
- Agricultural Machineries
We have a good experienced in EPC ( Engineering Procurement and Construction ) for the project as :
- LPG Plant
- Glycol Dehydration Unit ( Package )
- Well Testing Unit
- Other Oil & Gas facilities
Our culture rewards the attainment of the highest standards in time, cost, quality, safety and environment management. Thus, the people of Gerbang Saranabaja continue to grow, accomplish and get the things done.
Our services include:
- Planning :
1. Scheduling
2. Procurement
- Engineering :
1. Design & Calculation
2. Shop Drawing
- Fabrication :
1. Preparation
2. Marking & Cutting
3. Assembling
4. Forming
5. Welding
- Inspection & Test
- Sandblasting, Painting & Oven
- Packing
- Delivery
- Installation
We think forward to grow the business as investor in Oil & Gas Facilities, therefore, we always open to have discussion with related parties for mutual benefit of investment.
QSHE Policy
QUALITY POLICY , SAFETY, HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT.   The quality policy, safety, health and environment (QSHE Policy) of PT. Gerbang Saranabaja, where employees and management have commitment to achieve: the company through visions:   Service professionals and quality products in the construction and transporting steel pressurized by applying quality management systems ISO 9001 consistently. Maintaining safely, operational activities good work accident, without any to employees customers and third parties. Gainful health, labor conditions so avoiding the illness caused by work. Protecting the environment and p ...
SAFETY   The safety of our employees work is our top priority and can not be compromise. Our goal is to make a workplace that is free from an accident and injured. We believe that any fail and the illness caused by work at workplace can be in antidotal. We assume that occupational safety at workplace especially in the workshop and the project is investment for our employees.   To push the employees to responsible for the safety of himself and his partner is the practice of good business. Because of that we put occupational safety as the value that is basic in any activity of our work. Occupational safety to the size of the main which are applied in the management of the co ...
HEALTH   Along its existence, activity construction steel and pressure vessel in view as activities imperil and full of risk. Know and handle physical risk that can occur in the process of fabricating in workshop are erection in the project become important component of program work safety and health us. With identifying risks danger luminance work process existing at work allow any risk danger can be minimalism by controlling technical or administration , and through the use of a protective self (APD). Approach that we apply is evaluation to the continuous and every activity work potentially danger. If there is an unidentified risk, we took steps to measure t ...
ENVIRONMENT   PT. Gerbang Saranabaja understand their obligations against stakeholders  (society, department, government, clients / customers and the others) in conducting in every their activity in the workshop and site project by means friendly environment and maintain safety and health employees and the general public and increase corporate profits. ...
Quality Control Policy
STATEMENT OF POLICY AND AUTHORITY The management of PT. GERBANG SARANABAJA is totally committed to meet all of the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, as a minimum, and Quality Control System described in this manual, for shop fabrication and field site assembly of ASME Code stamped Power Boiler (Section 1), and Pressure Vessel (Section VIII Div. 1 and 2), part and power piping (ASME B31.1) including customer and government regulatory requirements to where the Code items are installed.   The Quality Control Manager is responsibility for the reparation, revision and issue of this Quality Control Manual, and for the administration and implementation of the Quality ...

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