Welcome to PT. Gerbang Saranabaja

Company Objective

Our company objective is customer satisfaction, supported by our experienced design engineers, striving to add values, and exceed expectations.

Through technological innovations, continual improvements and our experiences, highly dedicated and motivated peoples, we are committed for the best achievements.

Who We Are?

Since 1976, the Company started their activities as a one-man business and grow through the years serving steel structure projects in Indonesia. PT. Gerbang Saranabaja was established on February 18, 1992 and our goal is to be a partner of first choice in the delivery of integrated steel structure works and construction services.

Today, with the annual capacity more than 15,000 tons, we have expanded our capabilities in order to meet the clients' needs and expectations. We are now one of the foremost in the field of steel structure fabrication and construction in Indonesia. Within a quarter century of our existence, we have proven our commitment to adding value to our clients sustained operation. Most of the clients have been with us for more than five years with an imposing level of repeat business.


News & Events

We always present our moments in News & Events. Because all mean a lot to us and are very valuable to us.



Steel Structure

We are now one of the foremost in the field of steel structure fabrication and construction in Indonesia.


Pressure Vessel

In 2003 we developed our business on Pressure Vessel, Boiler and Heat Exchanger. With ASME "S", "U", "U2" & "R" stamp awarded to our company.


Other Project

We are also an expert in other projects such as Gantry Crane / Girder, Mechanical Car Parking System to supply client's needs.



Occupying over 3 hectares of land, we manage and develop our own workshop. In order to provide best services to our customers, we are equipped with software and hardware related to steel structure and pressure vessels fabrication.

In fabrication, we use machine tools, CNC flame and plasma cutting machines, forming machines, semi automatic and full automatic SAW, FCAW welding machines, and SMAW. In rust protection, we are equipped with trucks, trailers, and mobile cranes.

All of these facilities are used to support production and installation by assuring quality, accuracy, efficiency, and safety.



Wahyu Muchtriman

Marketing & Engineer Manager (Pressure Vessel)

Email: wahyu.roger@gsb.co.id

Rio Suwandono

Sales & Marketing Engineer (Steel Structure)

Email: riosuwandono@gsb.co.id