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Scope of Business

Design and Build on Steel Buildings

  • Pre Engineered Building (PEB) System
  • Conventional Steel Building System

Steel Structure: Bridges & Common

  • Fabrication
  • Project Management
  • Construction

Oil & Gas Facilities: "Design and Build Services"

  • Pressure Vessel
  • Storage Tank
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Piping
  • Spherical Tank
  • Bioler & Air Cooler, etc.

Other Services:

  • Rolling Plate
  • Rolling H Beam
  • Roling Angle Bar
  • Forming Head

PEB System

Design Code

PT. Gerbang Saranabaja applies:

  • SNI new code, Indonesian Standard Code
  • MBMA (Metal Building Manufacturers Association) - For design parameters
  • AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute) - For cold formed sections
  • AISC (American Iron and Steel Construction) - For built up sections
  • AWS (American Welding Society) - For welding works
    • British Standard
    • EURO Code
    • IBC (International Building Code)
    • Other domestic codes (Egyptian, Indian, Australia, etc.)

What's On "Pre-Engineered Buildings Value"

Pre-engineered steel building built-up frames are designed to be tapered & webs often have variable depth & thicknesses.

The frame geometry matches the shape of the internal stress diagram, thus minimizing material wastage and reducing total weight.

Conventional steel uses straight members designed for maximum internal stress in the member.

The shaded area shows parts of the member which are over-designed and in excess of design requirements.