Medical Check Up (MCU)


Jakarta October 18, 2022. Companies and employees essentially need each other. Employees are a company asset because without human resources the company will not be able to run. To create competent human resources, companies need to pay attention to the welfare of their employees. The importance of employee welfare, one of which is to increase motivation, morale, and increase employee loyalty to the company, as well as provide a better life and health for employees. With good welfare, employees can provide maximum performance in achieving company goals.

The management of PT GERBANG SARANABAJA is committed to always improve the welfare of its employees. One form of welfare is to provide the best health facilities and services.

GSB really cares about the health of its employees, especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic. For this reason, GSB routinely holds a Medical Check Up (MCU) program every year for its employees and follow-up on the deepening and treatment of MCU results. MCU itself is a comprehensive medical examination to find out the current health condition of its employees, so that GSB can determine the ability of its employees to carry out a job from a health point of view. This is important to prevent illness or accidents that may result from hazards that arise in the work environment.

GSB also has 1 internal public health clinic which provides standard health facility services with types of health services including general health examinations, health consultations, pharmaceutical services, prolanis consulting services.

Providing health facilities for employees is very important. if the health of employees is guaranteed, then employee productivity is better maintained. The impact of course on the progress of the business itself. In addition to advancing the business, this can also build employee loyalty to the company. They will feel they are not only seen as numbers. The corporate culture has become healthier and more humane.

By prioritizing health at work, it is hoped that enthusiasm and performance will increase. Because Good Health for Good Results is something that GSB continues to maintain and one of the passions for all GSB people is to provide the best service for all customers.